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Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether

Chemical Name:Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether

Chemical Formula: CH3O CH2CH(OH)CH3

CAS: 107-98-2


Sr. No. Characteristic Specification
1 Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid
2 Purity % 99.5 Min
3 Water Content % 0.1 Max
4 Acidity(AS ACOH) % 0.01 Max
5 Distillation Range (Top Grade) (760mmHg oC) 117.0~125.0
6 Specific Gravity (d4 20) 0.918~0.924
7 Color (Pt-Co) 10 Max
8 Isomer % 0.4 Max


190KGS/Iron Drum for PM

Storage And Transportation:

Store in cool, dry well-ventilated location, for PM transport as hazard chemicals.


Be suitable for benzene propylene emulsion, propylene alkene acid emulsion and its emulsion paint, which are characterized by reducing the coating temperature, speeding its cohesion and keeping the coating in a good condition. Also can be used as solvent for electrophoresis paints and some other high grade ones. Besides the above mentioned application, they also can be used as anti-ice liquid for fuel, detergent, extractivity, soft printing ink, silk printing ink, and mineral separating agent for nonferrous metals as well as material for organic compose etc.

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