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Rongalite c

Chemical Name: Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate

Chemical Formula: NaHSO2CH2O2H2O

CAS: 149-44-0

Molecular Weight: 154.12

Specific Gravity: 1.8

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)


Sr. No. Characteristic Specification
1 Content of NaHSO2.CH2O.2H2O % 98.0 Min
2 State of solubeleness Water solution clear or microturbid
3 Sulphide No presence of black color is allowed


plastic bags-lined iron drum, sealed with airtight lid, net weight 50kg each

Storage And Transportation:

Should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place, protected, from moisture, avoided exposure to direct sunshine, don't to let it be rained on. Be sure not to store it together with oxidant and acid, no presence of acidic vapour in storeroom is allowed. Storage life is one year.


It is mainly used as a discharging agent, color-discharging agent, reductant in printing and dyeing industry, as an activating agent for production styrene-butadise rubber and synthetic resin, also be used to decolourize and bleach some organic matters, for example: as a bleaching agent in synthetic rubber, sugar-making, and food industries. It may be substituted for the sodium hydrosulfite in some special conditions.

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